What is Your Purpose and How to Live It

Is it time to step into your purpose?

There has never been a better time to understand why you were put on this earth!

The biggest question I get from people is, "I don't know how."

Join me LIVE as we dive into the steps to discover your purpose AND LIVE it! 

You Have a Specific Calling and Purpose

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and think, "There has to be more?" 

Your Pain is NOT your Purpose

The things you go through are NOT the reason you are here on this earth! They may shape you and you add depth but they are NOT your purpose! 

You Get to Define Your Story

Many times we allow the things that we go through to define who we are and what we do. This is NOT the case! You get to decide how you show up in your story! You get to be the hero! You get to decide where to go from here! 


  • 1
    The Power of Discovering, Connecting, and Living with Your Purpose
  • 2
    True Whole Self-Care- This is more than alone time. How to take care of your needs to make a bigger impact
  • 3
    Busting Perfectionism- how trying to get it just right is holding you back
  • 4
    How waiting until you know all the details stops you from experiencing joy TODAY!


Tami Imlay
International Women's Achievement Coach

Tami Imlay is an executive coach with a unique blend of expertise from the Air Force to the forefront of behavioral science and business strategy. With an MBA, Trained Therapist, and certifications as a Master Certified NeuroCoach and Enneagram Coach, Tami specializes in guiding individuals to discover and live their purpose. For over a decade, Tami has been leveraging a deep understanding of neuroscience, behavioral science, and strategic planning. Tami empowers clients to transform their lives and careers. As an Air Force Veteran with a passion for resilience and leadership, Tami combines professional insight with a practical approach to help clients achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Overall, Tami is passionate about helping you discover your purpose and how to STEP into it!!! She believes that when you live your purpose, you can make a deep impact and fully experience the full weight of joy.